Are you ready to Break Da Bank Again with your Android phone?

If you have been inside a luxurious casino before, then you must have heard of Break Da Bank Again. It is one of those contemporary slots games with a cash jackpot that attracts dozens of players. Try Break Da Bank Again and see whether you can land on the vaults and unlock their treasures.
Break Da Bank Again is now available in the mobile casino as a 5-reel Android slots game that has been perfectly adapted for the smaller screen and the touch controls of your Android mobile device. This exciting slot game has nine paylines, and players try their luck at breaking the bank and earning the gold and jewels and cash that are stashed inside the bank vault.

How to Play Break Da Bank Again

The name doesn’t literally mean you break into a bank vault and snatch the spoils. However, the slots game is set on a Bank theme. The wild card is represented by the symbol marked ‘Break Da Bank Again’. A single appearance of the wild card wins you a 5x multiplier in your symbol sequence. In the free spins game, the multiplier offers 25x the base value of the win
The vaults are the scatter symbols. They are your prized possession because they win you free spins in the slots. Three vault symbols can grant you 10 free spins in the game. If you get more than three vaults in a single spin your game receives additional spins of 15 to 25 free spins.
Here is the best part about spinning a Vault – the Break Da Bank symbol then becomes a 25x multiplier from the 5x. You can guess how much that adds up on your final wins. New features on mobile Break Da Bank Again include a new gamble over your current win in guessing colors and suits in the game. A correct color will double your winning, and a correct suit will quadruple them. This is a risky venture but it can also turn out to be the jackpot of all when your current wins get multiplied over and over. Players can even play this game for fun or practice before placing real money bets, giving players a chance to get to know the game and how it works.
So what are you waiting for…… Let’s Break Da Bank Again!