Why the Hard Work? Be a Couch Potato And Play Slots on Your Android!

Play Slots on Your AndroidCouch Potato is a slots game of relaxation. You definitely don’t need a day’s stress here and you only need a single payline to make you a winner. Now as a Microgaming Android version, Couch Potato Slots is the only reason you never need to leave your home!


Couch Potato is by far the simplest video slots to be created. It only has 3 reels and one payline which explains its name -clearly no effort has been made to add more features. Nevertheless, this exciting slot game can practically make you into a millionaire as you laze around at home or wherever you are.
The Android version is downloaded and installed directly on to your phone. You then need to sign up for the game to access all its other features. The Couch Potato symbol is the wild card and with less hard work required, it can win you a maximum of 15000 coins! The other symbols include a cherry, and ‘Bar’. The Couch Potato symbol is wild multiplier. This means that winnings are multiplied by 5x, 25x when Couch Potato wild symbol appears in the winning combination. Couch Potato for Android also requires only 3 coins and you can walk home wealthy; or should we say stay at home wealthy.

How to Play

Just find yourself a couch and instead of the TV remote cliche, get your Android phone and log onto Couch Potato. One can play for as little as $0.25 to a maximum of $5. The game comes with expert mode which allows you to spin the reel automatically. All you need is a winning combination to have your wins multiplied by 5 times. And if two wild logos can make you a rich man, who said slouching at home was a bad thing?