Major Millions Slots comes to your Android Phone

Major Millions is a casino slot game that is now also a thrilling experience on your Smartphone, Tablet or any Android supported cellphone gadget. Major Millions falls in to the all slots category and comes with an exciting progressive jackpot. All you have to do is match the three symbols on the slots machine to win so let’s get ready to spin!

Game Features

Mobile Major Millions is a mobile slots game supported on the Android platform or any other mobile phone operating engine. It plays with a virtual coin but this time we refer to it as a credit and it is equivalent to a single unit of the currency you are playing with. For the budding gamblers, Major Millions can be played in Euros, Dollars or Pounds, all the major currencies.
Mobile Major Millions also comes with the same functions you would find in a casino slot machine. You can become the lucky Major Millions winner anytime you press the Spin and Bet buttons. Bet options can be on the increase or decrease plus you always have your wins displayed in figures on your mobile phone screen.

Added Mobile Major Millions Features

The beauty of Android and mobile OS technology is the ability to deliver your favorite game in the same platform as an online casino. Online casinos have an Android application for Major Millions which can be downloaded direct to your phone.
Let the games begin – as you play, you can watch the Jackpot progress to as much as $3 million! And here is the best part…… you can actually win this money and have it in your bank with a simple online transaction via your phone!